Creekkennels Labradors
​Amanda Thomson   

                   (for both puppies and adults)

All puppies will go home with a 15lb bag enough for a few weeks.

 And the best part is the quick auto ship option gets it delivered right to your door. 

Welcome to Creekkennels Labradors

Creek Kennels is a small kennel not to far from Carnwood Alberta. We raise blocky thick bodied ENGLISH style yellow, chocolate and black labs that are used for some hunting but mostly as pets. Our dogs are NOT kennel dogs and have free run of our 300 plus acre farm. Including ponds for swimming as well as acres and acres to run. They spend hours with us checking cows, riding horses and farming land. Our Females are only bred ONCE a year we are in no way a puppy mill. Puppies are born in our home and kept very close. Our 3 young kids spend hours with them making them exceptionally well socialized when leaving our farm and ready to take on the world. 
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Jan 22 2023


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